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  • Kiliona Palauni

    From Tongan, Hawaiian and Maori ancestry, Kiliona has deep roots in Polynesia and was taught at a young age the art of Polynesian dance, herbal medicine, and pacific folklore. He has a love for Hawaiian culture and spent his teen years learning his hanauna (ancestry) from his  kapuna (elders). Kiliona has a Bachelor's of arts in Pacific islands studies from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Kiliona recently completed a master's degree in indigenous Education from the Arizona States University. He also has his teaching certificate in secondary education from Johns Hopkins university.

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  • Teaching is my form of activism

    Now, as an educator on the west side of O’ahu, Kiliona hopes to be the teacher he never had as a child: a teacher who affirms the identity of his students, and a teacher who shows young Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders what is possible for them by exposing them to scholars, writers, and professionals who share their background. 

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